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Not quite sure why I said I would do it maybe something to do with Mike Butcher Editor from TechCrunch Europe laying down the gauntlet to Nottingham and Ljubljana the day before or maybe I just had hidden aspirations to get up and talk about

With this in mind and as Mike was making the effort to visit little old Nottingham and Adam Bird had once again done a fantastic job in organising the 4th Nott Tuesday, creating the idea of a start up competition and got a band of acclaimed judges together. I foolishly put my name down late the night before and took the final spot in the Nott Tuesday Tech Start Up 2 minute pitch competition.

So, could I really prepare and deliver a pitch in less than 24 hours ? unfortunately given my last minute decision I didn’t quite have 24 hours but instead had the intrepidation in my mind all day, just over an hour to prepare the pitch and a few test runs to ensure the 2 minute time was kept. Thankfully I have lived and breathed for the last 20 months so it wasn’t like it was anything new or that I didn’t know about.

It wasn’t quite as daunting as I expected but I was immediately thrown when Adam announced the pitches could be 2-3 minutes, that meant I could slow down and say more didn’t it ?

Nick Barker stepped up first and pitched his forthcoming web infrastructure monitoring
Aware Monitoring ( Nick also threw me in that his presentation slides were very creative and relevant to the subject he was talking about, mine were just text and bullet points = information overload! After Nick’s 3 minute pitch and 3 mintue Q&A it was my turn.

In honesty, it went reasonably well, I got sidetracked with the extra minute, missed a few key points and possibly spoke to fast but hopefully living and breathing it, the last minute cramming and focus helped. Thankfully the judges seemed to like it and I think I handled the questions well although did have my usual tendency of petering out into waffle :)

After watching 2 further pitches from Buyers4Cars (, a company that allows car buyers rather than sellers to advertise their requirements; and Simple Lifeforms ( developers of exciting new social games; we were then treated to something rather unique.

Nik Le Page who, at very short notice, pitched an interesting take on the issue of online profile management. Already a seed in Nik’s mind previously, he discussed the idea at 6:30 on arrival at Nott Tuesday with fellow peers, spent an hour scribbling on a piece of paper, stepped up at 8pm and presented a rather interesting and enjoyable pitch. No props, no presentation. Just an idea, concept and the effort to do it.

The idea of the start up competition seemed to work well to the normal format and the judges commented that the competition was of a very high standard and all of the entries were great.

So, how did me chipping in and pitching off the golf course go ?

Hmmmm, Named as Nottingham’s Best Technology Start-Up :)

The judges were very impressed with the overall, high standard of the entries and a special commendation was given to Nik Le Page for his last minute pitch.

Further information available on the Nott Tuesyday site -

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  • By Nick Barker, May 15, 2009 @ 11:01 am

    Hi Darren

    Congratulations once again! You did seem unsure before but I bet you’re glad did pitch in the end. The passion and understanding of your startup came very clearly through. I thought everyone did a great job in pitching. It’s not easy. We’ll have to see how we all did compared to Ljubljana. Well done. I’m proud to have our startup in Nottingham

    Best, Nick

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